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A New Benchmark of Innovation Park Developments

VNIP (Vietnam Innovation Parks) is a Vietnam-based Industrial Development Solution Provider that possesses a strong real estate development background by adopting world-class standards throughout our Industrial Parks and Townships portfolio.

VNIP is led by an institutional and international team with local expertise and deep roots in Vietnam. This enables us to deliver a vertically integrated solution to our clients across a wide spectrum of capital management, design, development, marketing, operations, market entry strategies, investment supports, and supply chain strategies.


We are dedicated to leverage our unique access to strategically located land sites, local insights, and professional services to empower our clients in the production, assembly, logistics, R&D, and data center sectors to grow in Vietnam with a global expansion perspective. We envision that the future of industrial parks in Vietnam will be driven by a ‘Green & Innovation Shift’ and we have committed ourselves to lead the way to this future.


In today’s ever-changing global business environment, especially in Vietnam, decisions regarding market entry and business location can be a challenge. VNIP‘s Investment and Supply Chain experts are your extended hands to unlock insights into labor strategy, legal and tax supports, and supply chain strategy, facilitating your transition and/or relocation into new markets.


As our Parks are open and inclusive, we’re also creating a reliable and sustainable environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued for who they are, be it executives, experts, or white and blue-collar workers.


VNIP is constantly searching for more innovative and sustainable solutions for our estates and developments. We also adopt an inclusive approach to innovation, working with technology and building solution providers, to address a broad spectrum of challenges in our operating environment.


Green spaces are designed to co-exist with our industrial and business parks. Grassy areas, gardens, groves of trees, sports facilities, landscaped parks and amenities that cater to all types of people are integrated with our developments to create a balanced work-play environment for the convenience and enjoyment of our industrial communities.