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Vietnam Innovation Parks (VNIP) is at the forefront of our country’s industrial transformation in bridging regional opportunities to local communities. We develop and manage our diverse portfolio of Integrated Industrial Parks and Townships across Vietnam with quality and integrity.

By embracing the government’s Public-Private Partnership initiatives and leveraging our strategic access to unique land banks, we are leading a new chapter in industrial development.


We align our effort and ambition with local communities to help achieve sustainable master plans, that elevate their natural competitive advantages to build a brighter future.


Our united strength as a team of multinational and local veterans with deep roots in Vietnam shapes our forward outlook while enabling us to provide complete integrated strategies and solutions to our network of local and global investors and partners.


Combining depth of experience with a distinctive set of values, VNIP is emerging as the prominent partner in bridging cross-border opportunities while advancing Vietnam's industrial transformation, competitiveness, and reputation across the region.



Leading Vietnam’s industrial transformation by empowering local communities with sustainable futures, while developing Integrated Industrial Parks and Townships that amplify regional growth and investments.




We are fully committed to Sustainability, Quality, and Innovation as we develop our Integrated Industrial Parks and Townships portfolio so that our stakeholders can attain new frontiers.